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  • Saturday | October 18, 2014
  • 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • 50Attendees
  • 3Staff members

evening-thumb4Free Readings In Chat Tonight

What’s happening at this event?

All new members are invited and old ones too!! Akasha offers one Free Reading to members of the audience in chat. Akasha comes in twice a month offering readings to the audience completely Free.  Please come along and get to know Akasha and her members.

Learn About Akasha’s Experience With The Psychic World

You can ask Akasha any questions you like regarding her psychic experiences and tarot. Find out about her many years of being a psychic tarot reader. Get to know this wonderful psychic and feel the warmth within the room.

 All Members Are Entitled To One Free Reading With Akasha

It may just be ‘YOU’ who is chosen by her guides giving you that important message.You can either have a general reading with a message from her guides or if you have a question you need answering Akasha will have the answers for you.

Please Sign Up to the website to be eligible for your reading and of course 25% off any paid reading!

See you in my chat room Saturday!

Love Akasha.x

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