After 30 years of reading internationally Akasha has made her home here in Anglesey


She comes from a long line of gifted psychic, mediums, having spirit visitations since being a child. Akasha started reading for close friends back in 1985 when she was given her first pack of Tarot cards. with a natural gift of sight and clairvoyance.
The co founder of anybodythere reading professionally online for a growing community of over 18.000 members. Offering Reading to an audience publicly along with private readings from home and attending private parties and psychic fairs for 3 decades.

Akasha and spirit

Seeing spirit from early childhood was natural in Akashas family. Her nan Hilda who past in 1981 became her first guide. She taught Akasha how to work with guides and spirit. Relaying messages from loved ones that have past is very special to Akasha She tells us “When this happens its a wonderful feeling to pass on messages to those seeking a connection from those loved ones that have past. She goes on to say:

Losing a loved one can be one of the most painful experience in the world. To have the verification that they are still here can bring comfort, closure and peace to those i am able to pass messages to.

Akasha & Readings

From 1985 Akasha has been reading and passing on messages of guidance of past present and future. More and more experience with reading and working with tarot clairvoyance and her guides has given her decades of experience giving hope and inspiration to thousands of people over the last 30 years.

Akasha tells us that she has been to see many psychics over the years. “I have always been interested and fascinated in Fortune Tellers, Mediums and Psychics. It thrilled me to hear from my cousin that i was a direct descendant from Irish Romany gypsy’s when he looked up our family tree. Everything started to make sense. My other half of the tree is Royalty so i am a bit of a mix!”

Akasha goes on to say…
“The good readings we never forget…Having a reading that stands out needs verification. It needs to knock you back, you think wow how on earth did she know that! Readings in my opinion are like energy sound waves that come in and out. I have a strong connection with my guide and able to tune in more or less straight away. I never take this for granted but i am fortunate to have that connection with my guide

My readings are psychic readings more than medium. I cannot guarantee that Spirit will come through for you but if they are with me I will tell you and relay the message they have for you”

Why Choose Akasha

She is a qualified counselor and psychotherapist who passes on messages of guidance to hundreds of clients throughout the world. A wonderful listener with an empathic non judgemental relaxed nature. Offering 100% focus on those who have come to her for help and guidance. People are relaxed, trust and feel safe around her. Receiving accurate, honest, genuine readings that have her clients returning year after year.

Present time

Akasha moved to Anglesey to be in a place where she has spent many years on holiday with her partner Steve and her 2 German Shepherds one a rescue who is now 8 years old and a pup that has her running round after him when she is not doing her readings!

I am trying to learn the welsh language and get laughed at often by my attempts. but I am trying!

She goes on to tell us “People here have been so welcoming and friendly i have been privileged to be able to live in this beautiful place with my partner and dogs. I am now launching my website and making myself available to people in the Anglesey and surrounding areas”.