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Evening with akasha and the draw

Winners were drawn on Thursday!

I collected all the members who had entered the draw and gave them to Evie. The names were written down on paper then folded. Evie then put them in to a bowl.  When we were ready for Evie to pull the names I could feel the excitement and anticipation. She hand picked the slips of paper one by one then typed the names in to the chat room.  To be honest my guides told me Avarose before her name was pulled. Which was sweet as i know how much she wanted a reading with me. We are going to organize her private reading at the end of the week.

1st Prize of a private full In depth reading with me went to ShadowOfLight. She was unable to attend the evening due to working. 2 Runners up were Avarose and notme78.
notme78 has had a private reading with me recently so we have decided to put the prize on hold for now. I don’t recommend more than one reading within 3 to 6 months. I find the cards can conflict and not make sense if the reading is too early. Or they just repeat exactly what has been told before.Avarose has been asking for a reading with me for sometime. So it was a pleasure to see her name come on screen.

Free Readings Followed

We went on to do free readings for the audience. I was drawn to 3 members this evening following the draw. All of who validated my readings and have given me wonderful feed back. I am drawn to names by my guides. I offer one reading per member. My guides do sometimes guide me again to a member who has had a free reading already. This can sometimes be a conflict as i try to read for as many members as i can on my evenings and try to stick to one free message per member.
I was drawn to 4 names so it was hard as i had run out of time. The 4th name hopefully will come to my evening on the 27th September. I wont say who it was! I have asked one of our psychics to attend the evening with guests and she has agreed. I am so lucky to have such gifted psychics attend my evening with guests. I am waiting on confirmation on the second psychic i have approached so watch this space!

I am going to close there for now. I will be announcing my evening with akasha and guests as soon as i get my guests sorted lol
Bye for now Love Akasha.x


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