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Evening With Guests Another Wonderful Success


Nearly 40 People In Chat On Saturday!

Mediums Cats & Gracie Jaw Dropping Accuracy!

I was kicking myself when i realized how many people were in my chat room on our Guest Evening. My thoughts were I need to screen shot this! We had a so many members in on the evening. At one point there were nearly 40 people joining us.
My readings are Free on my Akasha evening With Gracie and Cats joining me it just made the evening even more exciting. When i had finished my readings I could sit back and enjoy watching the medium demonstration from these Gifted Psychic Mediums.  So many people have come to me afterwards to tell me what a fantastic night they had and how impressed they were with the readings. Gracie and Cats had our jaws dropping at the accuracy and validations of the readings. Thank you once again ladies for such a wonderful night. I want to thank all the members and sitters for coming to my evening too. It means such a lot to have you come along its was wonderful!

Halloween Short Stories Winners Get A Free Reading 🙂

Halloween in chat was such fun last Friday. Evie put so much work into it. Her PC died and we were last minute getting avatars up and the adverts done for the short stories. It seems that there is always something going on in chat. We have had a Halloween Short Story Competition where the winner wins a Free Reading with me. So if you like spooky stories go and check them out. This years submissions are excellent! I added mine too under another name. Wonder if you can guess which one was mine ?

Private Readings.

I have been very busy with private readings lately and would like to thank those of you who have booked a reading with me .
I have a lot of return clients who come back to me year after year. Its so lovely to see them return due to them trusting me and feeling safe. The feed back I have been receiving is always so welcome! Thank you! I also appear on all mystic and anybodythere so if you would like to take a look at the feed back i receive there you are very welcome.

This Saturday More Free Readings!

See my Events Calendar for details. I will be drawn to members of my audience with my guides to offer messages to those who would like to receive a free reading with me. I have had many requests for readings over the past month. So if you are wanting a free reading come along. It would be lovely to see you in my chat room. I answer every email that comes to me individually See you Saturday!

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