Akasha offers ‘live’ one question free psychic tarot readings in chat – not to be missed!

Join Akasha for an exciting evening of entertainment and readings, where she will pick several people from the audience.


“Working with the energy in the room I am directed towards members of the audience by my guides. Who through me, give guidance concerning the past, present or future”.

“That important message is waiting just for you!”

How do I get a free reading

Akasha will choose several members from out of the audience (time permitting) to receive their free reading. She will be guided to a member by her spirit guides. Note: You must be a member of this website (psychicanglesey.com) to be eligible for a free reading.

What can I expect from a one question psychic reading

Akasha gives 100% positive focus on her sitters giving valuable insight into questions asked concerning the past, present or future. Her guides and tarot will give members messages or answers to their question.

Getting to know Akasha

During the evening Akasha will invite you to ask questions about herself, knowledge and experience of the psychic, medium-ship, tarot and working with her guides.

Private one to one readings

Ask Steve or Evie who will be moderating the event in the designated breaks or at the end of the evening.