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Last Nights Free Readings a Success!!!

I was blown away at the attendance last night! Free Readings were given by me, Gracie, and 6 Cats (Alma) Thank you so much ladies for your help in making it such a successful night!!! Members of the audience received Free Readings and help from all three of us. It was fantastic ! I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. So many showed up to see us. It was such a wonderful turn out.It was nice to have the company as well. I could sit back and enjoy watching the ladies read once I had finished giving my Free Readings.

So many people came in it was amazing and lovely to see.

My Readings

The evening started with my readings where my guides directed me to members of the audience.
Messages from my guides and tarot flowed wonderfully the atmosphere was warm and full of anticipation each person wondering who would be chosen for a Reading next. I got fantastic feed back which is always helpful to me.
Thank you.

Cats (Alma)

Next, Cats was waiting to start, she got spirit through straight away. She gave an amazing reading to a lady who had lost her love through a violent death. We all watched in silence and awe as the lady confirmed Cats messages and her feelings around the person who had passed. She was spot on with her reading and relayed the messages smoothly with such compassion. The connection was strong and validated. I felt privileged to watch this.


Gracie then came in, with a message for one of the members which was also spot on. She followed up with help for a person who was having problems with an attachment.Gracie is able to walk through steps to help those who feel that this happening to them. She handled this so well. Its always hard to read with this type of connection.Her advice was wonderful. Thanks Gracie.

Surprise for the members who came to the Event!

The night Ended with the surprise for the members. Everyone’s name who has signed up to my websites  is being put forward for a Draw on my next Akasha evening.I am going to be offering a Free full in depth reading to the first name chosen also offering 2 Free private half readings for the runners up.
This will be happening on my Evening with Akasha on the Thursday  11th September.  Evie will be drawing the names at the beginning of the evening.I will then be going on to do more Free Readings for members of the Audience.
More next week everyone .. and thank you for coming last night it was a wonderful evening.  Akasha.x





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