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Psychic Fairs Angelsey

Psychic spiritual fairs Angelsey

evenhing-bannerThis year has been so busy! I was lucky enough to find a psychic fair in Angelsey! I have been searching for some time to find one here. I joined them this October. They are hosted by Gigi Crystals. Two lovely warm hearted spiritual ladies. We had a wonderful 2 days in Llandudno Town Hall. Everyone who was there was friendly and welcoming to me as a new member of their group.  There are many dates coming up next year which i will be attending. I met some wonderful people there and done many psychic Tarot readings. . It was wonderful to work with people who were like minded and warm hearted. I cant wait for next year! Come along and see me,buy some jewlery or crystals. Get a taster Indian head massage! I had 2 whilst i was there £5 ! Marvelous!

Free Psychic Readings

_MG_8940We had a psychic fair at which was also so very busy! We had at least 150 per day come to the chat rooms.  We had many members and readers over 2 days. I couldn’t believe the amount of people who came for a free psychic or free medium readings. The volunteers enjoyed their time reading in chat for the many members that came in. The feed back for our psychic readers was amazing. I cant thank them enough!I am offering free readings on the 28th November this month in chat. I will be having some wonderful mediums joining me so please come along. It will be lovely to see you.I am hoping to catch you before christmas. So please if you need to see book with me let me know and i will fit you in! If you want a free taster psychic reader with me. See you in free psychic chat. on the 28th of November!  Warmest wishes to you Akasha.x

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