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Akasha about to read cast members Hi to all my clients and those of you who have dropped by. Just letting you know I have recently been to llandudno for a very busy event. What a wonderful day thank you all for coming to see me. I am sorry some of you had to que for your reading apart from those who booked before hand so thank you for your patience!

You can find my dates on my Events Calendar for the next time i am over that way!

I have so many parties booked this year. Its lovely to see so many of you booking with me. My Psychic party evenings are held normally in peoples homes or holiday cottages for those of you who have weekend or weeks celebrations in Anglesey  Hen Nights and Biirthdays or just holiday cottage breaks for groups of friends who want a psychic evening booked whilst they are here. I do one to one readings with each of the ladies/gents who book with me usually in a private room away from everyone else so you can have a private exclusive Medium or Psychic reading with me. Whilst your friends get together in another room.

My Psychic Party evenings are arranged mainly in Anglesey although i do travel out to different parts of the country. My accommodation is usually paid for by the host if its to far to drive home. So a nearby hotel is normally a good idea. Traveling to London soon for a exclusive evening but i am trying to stay put in Anglesey for most of my clients!

I also do corporate events here in Anglesey where big hotels and venues ask me to come along and read for the guests or a party booking in the hotel. From time share apartments to weddings. What ever is needed for that special day. I will arrive and give an experienced professional exclusive reading to those who are wanting to book with me. I do have waiting lists however please call and if i can fit you in i will !

I have a new puppy coming in the summer so please give me a call before the chaos begins! Pictures to follow of course.

Speak to you all soon



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