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Psychic Party Nights Angelsey

Psychic evenings with Akasha in your own home

akashaset_1Hello all. Its been a while since I wrote my last blog. Summer has been so busy!
I have been holding and attending psychic party events and also attending mind body and spirit psychic fairs. I have had quite a lot of requests for hen nights and girl’ y night ins! Where people want a psychic to come to their home or holiday cottage. Hen nights and girly weeks away have been really popular this year. To book me on a cosy night in with a glass of wine or a cup of tea with your friends.

Its a popular past time with the recession hitting hard. People are wanting to contact a passed loved one. Find out where the next lot of money is coming from!

What to do about career and of course love life readings. Each and every person I read for has a special unique life that I am privileged to share along with my guides. Helping you find which path to cross or venture on. Sometimes its hard to see what is in front of you. With my Psychic gift and my wonderful guides we will help you find your way in life that can sometimes feel confusing and unclear.

Psychic medium party event Angelsey North Wales

The largest psychic party event I have been to recently was in Beaumaris where i delivered 11 psychic medium readings. Spirit came through for most of the ladies who sat with me. It was wonderful to relay messages and words of comfort. It was my second night there as they wanted to re book me 6 months after their last psychic party. Which I find comforting and flattering. So thank you girls 🙂  If you were wondering about holding a psychic party or psychic night its easy. Just get a few friends together it doesn’t matter how many friends want to come!Contact me and we will  arrange a good night for all of you
Most people put on nibbles and drink cups of tea or something a bit stronger! Order a takeaway?  I travel off the Island as well so if you live in North Wales give me a ring and we can arrange a psychic party for you. All readings are discounted on psychic party evenings.. So please give me a call and we can have a relaxed chat about your up coming psychic party event. 🙂

What happens at your psychic party ?

I usually have a room that is set aside for privacy for one to one readings. Each person has a general reading for the connection between us. Once i have given a past present and future reading or delivered a medium reading. You can asks me as many questions as you wish. I am privileged to pass on messages and sometimes important news through my guides and the spirit world. When you call me let me know how many people want to attend along with your budget. We can find the right price for all of your readings. If you all want either in depth psychic medium reading or if some of you just have one burning question  Just give me a ring. 🙂


Mind body and Spirit Fairs llandudno

The next fair is coming up soon. I love going to this event as the people in our group and the people who come to mind body and spirit fairs are all so warm and friendly.

I am really looking forward to attending the Mind body and spirit psychic fair again. Search for  mind body spirit llandudno  Promotional prices are offered on your reading at these fairs so please book with me before if you want to see me there as sometimes there is a wait.

Mind body and spirit fairs offer holistic treatments psychic readings Medium readings  and plenty to buy. Crystals jewellery and mystical gifts. I always have a wonderful Indian head massage. There is crystal and energy healing. Well being herbs and potions. Pagan, Gothic and fairy’s.  Psychic artists and aura photography  Pamper yourself get in touch with a loved one that has passed or just come to browse. I look forward to seeing you there. Even if you do not want a reading come and say hi. It would be lovely to chat to you. I see a lot of regular clients at the fairs. Its like a warm friendly family. You will love it there!

Lots of love Akasha.x

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