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Psychic Tarot Readings Gottwood Music Festival

Psychic Tarot Reader At Gottwood Festival

I will be attending the Gottwood festival this year. Please come along to see me at the festival! Discounted readings are being offered to everyone..

The event is sold out but i believe there are 5000 people coming to Gottwood. It is a music and Arts festival that is held here near my home every year.  I am going to be doing psychic tarot readings Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Most of the days I will be doing 4pm until late. I will be starting earlier on the Thursday though. So when you arrive come and see me! Steve my partner Is going to help me set up my tarp and secluded space for your psychic reading! We will make sure you are given privacy for your psychic reading. I will be there amongst the beautiful scenery and trees. so look out for me!

 Psychic Party Event Anglesey

aboutakashabanner I am offering massive discounts at the event so if you have tickets please come for a one question or full in depth reading.

Its going to be like a Psychic party event for all those who are interested in a psychic tarot reading. Come with your friends or partner and let me give you an insight to your future. I use my psychic abilities and work with my guides to show you a clear path ahead.

Are you looking for love? I may be able to see your future partner at the Gottwood Festival!Come and see me and I will let you know if your career path is the right one. Lack of money? I am happy to look to see if your finances are going to improve. I will be giving out discounts for future readings if you are able to come the event.If you  cant get in to see me. I will have some discounted cards with me for your friends and family.

Do not worry if you don’t live near by. I offer psychic skype readings and psychic tarot telephone readings too. I will use my Tarot cards to look into your future. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a ticket.  I will see you there!

Gottwood Psychic Readings Anglesey

akashatentWell what a wonderful time! The whole experience was magical. 6,500 people at the event. !My guides helped me deliver some wonderful medium readings. Psychic readings. I even done a few palm readings!.

The history and mystical setting was all around so in most of my readings spirit were very strong, Coming to me whilst  I was doing the majority of the psychic medium readings at Gottwood. Strong validations and so heart warming to be able to pass on messages to those who came to me who were looking for those they had lost.

It was a challenge with the music in the back ground!  Working with energies the messages were strong so I need not have worried. I chose a quiet place by the lake as you can see in the picture.. I met some amazing beautiful people. Many who I have asked to contact me afterwards to let me know where they are and how they are getting on. Sometimes when I read, I feel a closeness and honoured that someone has let me into their life and allowed me to see what they have been through. Allowing me to give messages of hope and inspiration. Thank you to all those who came to my tent by the lake.

A special thank you Tom and Digby Carpenter, Digby Neil and all his crew for allowing me to share my gift with those who came to me. It was a wonderful 4 days.

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