A small selection of client testimonials

One of the answers to my questions as just come true, It was amazing how you was able to describe this situation so accurately. It happened pretty much as you said it would happen.

Cats, UK

I would like to thank you for the reading – it was spot on! You described my situation so accurately it seemed that you knew me personally. The things you knew I have never even told to anyone.
Thank you Akasha for an amazing reading and for helping others with your amazing ability.

Bonita, Australia

I wanted to post some exciting news. After your reading today, I floated around on cloud 9 for a few hours. About 15 minutes ago, I received a phone call, a phone call I have been dreaming about for almost 3 years that is going to change my life forever.
I wanted to thank you, for giving me insight, for giving me hope, and for being you!  Life is so grand!

Chel, United States

I want to thank you for your help, reading and guidance. It was very timely and just what I needed to hear. It brought me to tears, truthfully and I can’t thank you and your guides enough.

Moxi, United States

Omg Akasha. Words cannot describe how your reading made me feel. You opened up things for me and was right on point. You are truly gifted and I could never say enough about how grateful I am to have met you.

Myennalove, United States

Akasha, I have to thank you I was honored to have a reading from you during the psychic fair, it was much needed and appreciated. The things you said are already in the works and I can’t thank you enough for all of your kinds words. Many blessings to you!

Ophelia, United States

You are so talented and gifted. I love watching you read others and when you called my name, I felt honored to receive a reading from you.

Ariana, Trinidad