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Guest Appearance At Towie

From out of the blue I received an email from the production team of “The Only Way Is Essex” for a guest appearance in the popular TV show (Season 23/Episode 3).

It was short notice, my friend and helper Christine and her kids loved the show so much I agreed to make my way to Essex. Which is actually my birth place and where i grew up. I had fun showing Christine memory lane on our trip down there.

The location was beautiful with clear blue sunny skies which was a relief as we were shooting outside! My scene was to take place at the side of the lake. Festival of color was the name of the theme to be used (season 23/episode 3). Everyone was so friendly and welcoming keeping us informed what was happening and where the tea coffee and cake was located.

It is a reality TV show so the questions the girls had for me were things they really needed to know.

What is important to me is the person in front of me, my guides and the answers to their future whether it’s public private or when millions of people are watching!

I gave real genuine readings to the cast which you can see on ItvBe next Sunday at 9pm.

tarot reading

I read 2 of the girls from the cast,Courtney and Chloe on this live reality TV show which is so important to over 1 million viewers and 12 million Instagram followers.

I want to thank those who contacted me and made the day so wonderful for me.

I was told by one of the crew that my being there made the day magical which for me was returned. I loved every minute of being with the Towie cast and crew.

The lady who owns the beautiful house and grounds where we were filming asked me about me doing parties at the location in the future  but for those who live too far to see me face to face and want a reading sooner. I have been offering private Skype and telephone readings to people all over the world for the past 33 years, I look forward to hearing from you Tel: 07931 955 957

Love Akasha.x

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