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Thursday Draw With Akasha

Looking Forward To Thursday!

Hello! another week has gone by. My evening with Akasha is now upon us already! I hope you are all able to come to the evening. Everyone who came to the Akasha evening with guests are going to be entered in to the draw of a free reading with me.Evie will be pulling the names so I hope you can come along. We have changed the day to Thursday due to unforeseen circumstances.  I am sure all of you who can will come along. I will be reading from the audience too. Offering Free readings to those who come in. I would like the people who are there to be members here to receive their free reading so spread the word!

Readings This Week

I have had quite a few readings this week. One of my  regular ladies came along and introduced me to her dad.. I am discreet about those I read for so i cant tell you too much about the reading.  All i can say is what a pleasure it was to read for a members Dad. I had spirit come through for him too. It was lovely to meet his mum in law who took over the reading a bit lol. She had a message for her daughter. She was a lovely lady. I was privileged to pass on what she had to say. 🙂

Instant Readings

I have been in instant readings this week. On Sunday it was lovely to see members and people popping in. Everyone is welcome to come and see me when I am in there. The room is for my instant paid readings, so if you see me in there please pop in if you fancy an on the spot reading. Some people come in to ask me questions. I have met so many people who are disappointed with paid psychics. So they have questions for me which I welcome.Its nice to put peoples mind at ease. If they want to come along and watch me read before paying for a reading they can on my evening with Akasha and see me and my guides deliver messages.

Next Akasha Evening With Guests

My next Evening is going to be held on 27th September. I have approached 2 psychics and asked for their help. I have confirmation with one of them. I will announce who i have asked on my evening this week. So watch this space! Its nerve racking for psychics to appear in front of an audience so i do understand totally when people say they would like to think about it first  I was lucky to have 2 such wonderful mediums with me last time. The night was such a success i am going to be appearing with Guests once a month. I am signing off for now. I will let you know how my evening goes on Thursday for those of you who are not able to come.
Love Akasha.x


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